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Jay Shetty with Fitness Coach Nimai Delgado On : Don't Judge Yourself | Chetanbro


"Do you find yourself uncertain about your career direction or striving to establish financial stability? In this enlightening discussion in which Jay Shetty with fitness coach Nimai Delgado discuss about how failure is a part of success. You'll discover fresh perspectives and invaluable life guidance."

Who is Nimai Delgado ?

Nimai Delgado is a vegan bodybuilder, fitness coach, and social media influencer known for his commitment to a plant-based lifestyle and his achievements in the world of fitness. Nimai gained widespread recognition for his impressive physique and his dedication to promoting the benefits of veganism in the bodybuilding and fitness communities. He has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, where he shares his knowledge, workout routines, and recipes to inspire and educate others on the advantages of a plant-based diet for health and fitness. Nimai Delgado's journey and advocacy for veganism have made him a notable figure in the wellness and bodybuilding space.

Who is Jay Shetty ?

Jay Shetty is a British-Indian author, podcast host, motivational speaker, and former monk. He is widely recognized for his inspirational content and teachings on mindfulness, personal development, and living a purposeful life. Jay gained prominence through his engaging and thought-provoking videos on social media platforms, where he shares wisdom and insights on various life topics. He has written books, including "Think Like a Monk," which offers practical advice for finding purpose and inner peace. Jay Shetty's work has made a significant impact on the self-help and personal growth community, and he continues to inspire millions of people around the world with his messages of positivity and wisdom.

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