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How to become a Millionaire from scratch in this Digital Era | Chetanbro

How to become a Millionaire from scratch in this Digital Era

By :- Chetanbro 

" How to become a Millionaire from scratch in this Digital Era? " is a common question many ask from me when they see many becoming Millionaire in this Digital Era. So I just want to say you are at right place here I am going to answer your very popular question " How to become Millionaire from scratch in this Digital Era? ". Just take a deep breathe and read full article & take Action.

Develop a Positive Mindset 

Becoming a Millionaire is all about Mindset. It costs zero dollar to think like Millionaire. Mindset is everything. What you think, You become. Your belief system is way more stronger than you think. So till now you understand why a Positive Mindset is needed to become a Millionaire. But new Question arises How to develop a Positive Mindset? The answer is simple what you Hear, See & Listen what you become. So You need to Hear , See & Listen Positivity, If you can't find it your nearby just find it online. Follow Positive Blog like Chetanbro , Listen good Podcast & watch positivity in YouTube. And one more thing you can read good Books as well.

Never Make Excuse 

Never Make Excuse for anything. Either you can make excuse or you can be a Millionaire. Do what is needed. Never think you are too young or too old to do something. People who have worst condition then your are now Millionaire just by not making Excuse and did what actually needed to do. You tell me any condition , I will find the Millionaire people who become Millionaire in those condition. Just do what is needed to do. Stay away from comfort zone.

Take Risk

Never be afraid to take Risk. It needed to take Risk to become a Millionaire. You can't be a Millionaire just by doing the same other people doing, You have to take Risk to try new things. May be you fail many times but remember one thing you need to be successful just one time. So keep trying new things and keep taking Risk. Because The bigger Risk, The higher Return.

Be Cool & Listen carefully your Feedback

Be Cool & Listen carefully your Feedback. When you try different things may be you fail but not need to be worry just Be Cool & Listen the Feedback carefully & improve next time. Don't be depressed remember you need to be right just one time. Keep cutting your connections from negative people & negative content. Surround yourself the people who encourage you. Watch, Listen & Read the content which motivates you.

Never Underestimate Yourself

Never Underestimate Yourself, You are just not aware how much capable you are because may be you are surround with limited Mindset. Remember When a Shark live in a tank the Shark grow within the tank and be small but when the Shark live in the Ocean the Shark grow limitless and be giant. Allow yourself to grow in the ocean of opportunities & possibilities. Just don't be a Shark in the Tank. 

Focus on Learning 

Focus on Learning. Remember when you stop Learning at the same time you stop Earning as well. And one more thing to remember you don't need a college or online paid course to Learn anything. Everything is available Free on the internet jut Google it and Develop a skill. Devote a certain time of your day to Learn new thing Daily. Not underestimate Free stuff, Most valuable things are Free like Oxygen, like this article. You just need to find it. Keep digging & Learning. Develop a skill at a level people can pay you for that.

Never involve in Day Dreaming & Take Action

Never be the person who think everything but do nothing. Never be the person who just day dreaming and when the time come not take action & regret the whole life. Take Action & achieve whatever you want. There are certain ways to fail & unlimited ways to Success. The certain ways to fail is Day dreaming, Not taking action, Giving up too early, Be lazy. Day dreaming is the worst thing. Not taking Action can make you depressed.

Be Consistent

Be consistent. Never be the guy who do one thing today and other tomorrow. Be consistent at what you are doing. Remember it take time to be successful. Inconsistent can break your Goal. You can't have a baby in one month by pregnant nine woman. It take certain time to have certain things. Be consistent and give a certain amount of time to observe differences.

You need to Sell something

Remember you need to sell anything in order to become Millionaire. You can't be a Millionaire just by working, You need to sell. But the question arise what...what I sell ..I don't have anything to sell. You have , you just don't know. I am gonna tell you. You can sell your knowledge, You can sell your value, You can sell Arts or You can sell other persons products.
  1. Sell your Knowledge through YouTube
  2. Sell your Arts through E-commerce
  3. Sell your value through Websites
  4. Build your Digital Product & Sell it
Be an artist & sell happiness to the masses through Social Media. If you can't do anything just be a content creator and build a community around it. That's it.

Ultimate ways to become Millionaire Online

Solve a problem & sell the solution to the masses or Enhance a existing solution & sell it  to the masses.
You can sell others solution to the masses as well if you can't solve any problem. Below is the example how you can make a Million by selling. If you have 10 bucks product you need to sell to the 1 Lakh people, If you have 100 bucks of product you need to sell  10000 people, If you have 1000 bucks product you need to sell 1000 people & If you have 10000 bucks product you need to sell 100 people only.


Hope you found the article helpful. Believe in yourself , keep learning, Don't underestimate yourself ,make mistakes , don't afraid of failure remember you need to be right just one time , be productive instead of busy, remember everyone has same 24 hours, surround yourself with positivity, don't underestimate free stuff you don't need a college degree or online paid course , everything is free online, remember the first step is the hardest.
Let me know your thoughts in comments , Have a great Day.

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