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20 Quotes of Swami Vivekananda on Health | Chetanbro

20 Quotes of Swami Vivekananda on Health


1.You must all pay attention to your Health.

2. You must keep a strict eye on your Health ;

    Let Everything else be subordinated to that. 

3. When the body is still healthy and diseaseless, When old age has not yet attacked it,

When the organs have not yet lost their power,

And life is still full and undiminished,

Now, now, struggle on, rendering great help to yourself! My friend, it is useless to try to dig a well

In a house that is already on fire. 

4. We never want Him. We say, “Lord, give me a fine house.” We want the house, not Him. “Give me health! Save me from this difficulty!” When a man wants nothing but Him. 

5. We must not forget that health is only a means to an end. If health were the end, we would be like animals; animals rarely become unhealthy. 

6. Build up your health. Do not dwell in silence upon your sorrows. 

7. Consciously or unconsciously, health can be transmitted. A very strong man, living with a weak man, will make him a little stronger, whether he knows it or not. 

8. He who wants to become a Bhakta must be strong, must be healthy. 

9. How to transcend the senses without disturbing the health is what we want to learn. 

10. No negative, all positive, affirmative. I am, God is, everything is in me. I will manifest health, purity, knowledge, whatever I want. 

11. This craving for health, wealth, long life, and the like — the so – called good — is nothing but an illusion. 

12. The sign of vigour, the sign of life, the sign of hope, the sign of health, the sign of everything that is good, is strength. As long as the body lives, there must be strength in the body, strength in the mind, [and strength] in the hand. 

13. The one who actually succeeds in making himself believe that he is having a good time is the man of splendid physical health. 

14. Real love is love for love’s sake. I do not ask health or money or life or salvation. 

15. Pay particular attention to your health, but too much coddling of the body will, on the contrary, also spoil the health. 

16. The mind takes up various objects, runs into all sorts of things. That is the lower state. There is a higher state of the mind, when it takes up one object and excludes all others, of which Samadhi is the result. 

17. The only method of knowledge is concentration on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes; and concentrating the powers of the mind to discover one in many, is what is called knowledge. 

18. The power of concentration, is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge. 

19. The whole secret of knowledge is concentration. 

20. The Yogis claim a good deal. They claim that by concentration of the mind every truth in the universe becomes evident to the mind, both external and internal truth. 

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