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Recognize your inner power | Chetanbro Quotes :- 117

 Recognize your Inner Power 

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" Recognize your inner power. " 

Many powers are discriminated in man. Any special occasion or event which touches her heart rouses her latent powers. The change in the life of Shakespeare itself proves this. Inside a less educated Shakespeare a great poet and a dramatist were hidden.

The distinction of the many great men, scholars and winners of success lies in an event or occasion that has suddenly taken place in their lives which awakened the very human in them. Suddenly, when he possessed an inherent power, he was something extraordinary than the ordinary man.

So many people who have thought of themselves as inferior and crude have realised their greatness have received a new inspiration and become examples for the society as a whole. It is necessary for them to create in them the spirit of passion that awakens the sleeping forces.

The dissatisfaction with our present life is the fact that we have not yet exercised all our powers. Inspiration makes us realize that there is within us a talented great personality which we have not yet known. We shall continue to struggle for it as long as there is no satisfaction in life. Therefore, inspiration tells us that there is greatness even in this ordinary life. We should bring out and use that hidden urge. What we are today is part of the great power of god. This small fraction gives us the message of the great life of the future.

As a matter of fact, our present life is a prophecy of the great life to come. Same is the goal of our life. We shall enjoy it and enjoy it. We shall not rest till we have attained that greatness. With the knowledge of the hidden forces of their conscience, man grows in stature, and at the slightest progress he proceeds to attain the height of great progress. With the slightest advance even a layman is able to perform many times more work than his powers.

As long as this gate of power is closed, greatness lies in it. Just as the lion, the lion that had been hidden within the lion 's child, who had taken the med, had regarded himself as a sheep.

Once a young lion was playing all alone in the forest. His mother was asleep. While playing he went out into the jungle. He had come to a place he had never seen before, and was so excited to see the natural beauty around him that he could not remember the way back to his mother.

Mother was calling out to me, all alone, in the thick forest. However, a sheep passed through the soil whose children had died a few days ago. She kept the baby of the tiger up as loving as her children. Days passed like years. The tiger 's baby was so big, or that the sheep would be frightened when they saw him. Suddenly a tiger appeared in the forest. Standing on a high hill in front, he began to link himself. Hearing his terrible roar, the sheep began to tremble and out of fear his body became mouthful, but the whole one of whom didn't even hear the sound of a lion.

In the case of a young boy, that boy, reared by the sheep, he was so moved that he began to roar with great force. Then last his sheep mother Looking forward, he leapt up to the lion. Of the lion. Ten ten times it had dawned his natural nature, which was often asleep. Earlier he even used to go with the sound of a dog.

He felt himself to be one of them while he was in the midst of flowing streams. He never felt that he had any other existence apart from sheep. So long as he thought himself to be a sheep, the strength remained so strong. The lion in him slept, but today he knew the truth that he would be able to scare all the animals in the forest with his own roar.

The lion inside woke up who had slept. Now

He considered himself equal to himself. If this was told to him before the threshold of the lion, he would have said, "well, how can I have married the lion?" But the hidden lion was now exposed. How could he understand one another like himself? Now his powers had grown manifold. How could he enjoy the lamb 's life now? He could now enjoy the forest alone. That is why he leapt into the forest. That was the king of the forest.

Within every human being his condition must be swift and distinct.

It gets enrolled as soon as it has reached the opportunity. It is necessary for the occasion to bring out her hidden powers from the depths within her. He cannot then accept himself in a miracle. If you are aware of your greatness, you will not be content with living a simple life, for further and more advanced in balk.

There are many young men and women who have not yet discovered their greatness. Who can tell if a great man is hidden in the slum where a large number of ordinary boys who are now living in rags, wrapped in rags? How many simple living people have seen moving to life 's heights? How can one say that ordinary people engaged in common jobs in hotels or offices would be great in the future? 

Go ahead.Just wake up! Plan your life so that your sleeping great talent and power is now sung. In fact, sometimes you feel it. Strive to arouse the great personality within you.

No trader would like to undertake a business that offers neither the advantage of the cube engaged in it nor the interest of its capital. Do you know that you have invested your capital in such business? Just as a person, despite enough funds being deposited in the bank, should say to the debtors that he may not be able to pay, express his inability to lend, say such a person vice - cime? Just think about it. Your condition is worse, you too have the property of your qualifications lying waste like the money in the bank. You are living your life for nothing in vain. You are not poor. You are a treasure of talents. You should recognize your power and talent.

The last of them. As the lion 's young one heard that he was not one of the meadows, he was the king of the jungle, so do you realise the powers of your soul. The day you will come to know your sleeping forces, you will not be an ordinary man. Today 's new philosophy abounds in the great task of arousing the sleeping forces of man. With that philosophy, when a new life is adopted, all the sense of inferiority is lost in an earlier man, and with his self - confidence he increases the progress of life.

The new dashing. awakens us of the unknown power that lay still asleep. Just as Columbus found out the land we were not aware of at that time.

The same rules of physical and chemistry are still in force, which thousands of years ago existed.


There are so many people in the world who want to rise high in their lives,Wants to do something, but from someone else's boss.

Will achieve the greatness of life. All his life he waits for the sparkle that raises all his aspirations with the stick of a magic stick and subdues the thirst of the soul. If you too are looking for a bright one who satiates your thirst, then come to the Banks of a new life - darshan like a water reservoir.

The great Dolphin of Greek country.Imprinted at the shrine entrance,It is the essence of the wisdom of the seven wise men of that land.

Without knowing ourselves truly, we cannot know the world. To know oneself and to identify the Lord loop in the gap. That same principle of successful life.

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