practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 68 - Chetanbro

practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 68

Practice like you have never won, Perform like you have never lost 

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" Practice like you have never won,       Perform like you have never lost."

Each one of us has these goals we have always dreamt of achieving. The thought of achieving those is etched deep within your heart, like the business you’ve always wanted to open, the novel you’ve always wished to write or the paintings you’ve always desired to paint. But if you just sit around waiting for the right time, you’ll never know what success tastes like. You’ll have to get up and create the right opportunity for yourself.How to practice like you’ve never won and perform like you’ve never lost?  You need three qualities to do that:

1)Resolute determination: The path to success isn’t easy. It never will be. There are a lot of obstacles and challenges that you are going to face. If you are not determined about what you want, the second an unexpected roadblock comes, you’ll most likely give up. And that is why determination is an essential ingredient in the recipe of success.

 2)Fiery passion: If you are working on something, whether it is a business or art, you should be passionate about it. And if you aren’t, you should clearly work on something else, something you can put your whole heart in. If you are working on something and you have passion for your work too, then make sure that your passion isn’t small. Your passion shouldn’t be a small flame, for a small flame is going to be extinguished with even the gentle breeze of struggles. Your passion should be a burning forest fire, for the tumultuous winds don’t extinguish the forest fires; they enkindle it. Your passion should be the same; it should run through your every vein.

3)Sometimes, even though you are full of passion and determination, there are games that life plays on you that are so harsh that you are willing to give it all up. In such situations, be patient. Remember that storms are always going to come, but they are always going to pass too. They won’t keep on tormenting you your whole life.

Rome was not built in a day. The same way, you won’t achieve everything you want overnight. You’ll have to practice hard. Even if you’ve been trying for years, practice like you are a beginner, like someone who has just started it and has to put their all in it. No matter how good you get at whatever you’re doing, don’t let it get to your head. Don’t slack off just because you think you are good.

Practice makes a man perfect. The only way to achieve excellence is to keep on practicing. And when the time to perform arrives, put all you have learnt while practicing to use. Perform with a blinding confidence, like you have never tasted failure. Perform like you only know how to win, like losing is something you haven’t even heard of. If you keep all this is mind while performing, you’ll find the whole world, clapping in awe, of your magnificence.

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