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Fly above negativity | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 71

Fly above negativity 

By :- @i_amChetanpaswan 

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Today @Chetanbro Quotes is,
" Fly above negativity." 

Life is difficult and it’s easy to lose hope, give up or become depressed. When negativity floats above like a dark cloud, it takes courage and determination to see the good in people and beauty in the world. Every now and then we need to be inspired. 
Read on for tips to inspire you to take the high road.
1. Be bold.  Acknowledge and embrace your fears. Dig deep for courage. Laugh at your fears.  Experiment with fear. Do what you’re tempted to avoid. Hold your ground and press on. Don’t be afraid to be afraid.
2. Offer to help someone. Ask a friend, a neighbor or a stranger, “How can I help you today? Later ask, “Is there anything more I can do for you?”
3. Apologize. When you make a mistake, own it. Let go of the story that you keep repeating to yourself. Wanting revenge is problematic for your mental health.

Read, listen to and repeat uplifting stories. Ignore media that is filled with stories of negativity and fear. What you take in with your senses is a choice that influences you mentally, physically and emotionally.

 5.Let go of obsessive thoughtsOne way to do so is to catch yourself, silently say STOP. If you are alone you can say it out loud and put your hand up at the same time.

Refuse to complain, criticize or compare. It’s the fastest way to lower your energy.

Develop a deep love for others.  Speak kindly and think positively of family, friends, and strangers.  

Think highly of and praise yourself. Appreciate your uniqueness. It’s the highest form of love. Nobody has your thumb print, hand print, voice print or soul print. Don’t rely on others to validate you.
9. Appreciate life. It allows you to see the world a good place. Doing so asks for nothing and gives everything.
10. Repeatedly use these three magical words, ‘I appreciate you.’ It makes others feel valued and accepted.  Nobody gets enough appreciation. Difficult people need it the most and get it the least.
11. Live gratitude. Incorporate gratitude in every area of your life. Fill your entire being with appreciation 24/7. 

Seek to understand others. Let go of small things that bug you. When you catch yourself being bothered, immediately focus on a more loving thought about the person.
13. Be kind. Do one loving act for someone daily. Life is difficult and everyone needs a little help.

Be enthusiastic. If you want to put yourself in an enthusiastic state: choose it, feel it, think it and most importantly change your routine.

Be generous. You have so much to give. Give when you know you won’t get back. Give and don’t keep score. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Give understanding and love. Give so others believe the world is a wonderful and generous place. You can’t out give God or the Universe.

Communicate with love.  All problems are due to lack of communicating with love. All conflict can be resolved with open and loving hearts. It’s all about love!
See greatness in yourself and others. Own your gifts and talents. Praise the gifts and talents of others.  Doing so allows for infinite possibilities for everyone. We can all move forward together. 

Accept others. Everyone has the right to be different and think differently than you and I. You can’t be loving and judgemental at the same time. Acceptance is about goodness and wholeness. We can’t afford to live without it. 

19. Forgive everyone. You will feel better and be less likely to make the same error. Forgiveness creates emotional healing. 

Expect a miracle. Anything can change in an instant. Why not expect and believe that good things will happen? Why not believe that the world is changing for the better? We can’t see the whole picture. We don’t know what anything is for.  We do know that our perception influences our relationships, our actions, and our lives. Choose to see things differently.  Expect a miracle.

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