Burn your ego, before it burns you | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 52 - Chetanbro

Burn your ego, before it burns you | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 52

Burn your ego, before it burns you

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Today @Chetanbro Quotes is,
" Burn your ego, before it burns you." 

Each of us have taken birth,to learn some lessons,assigned exclusively for us by God.Now,if we learn them we progress,it has nothing to do with our financial status,our religion,gender or anything else.Our deeds is what matters.Every human has an ego of his own,which is a very big hurdle,in his spiritual progress.We forget,that we are just a tiny speck in this huge universe .Also ,ego clouds our mind,and doesnt let us think the way we should.God resides in the heart of a pure soul,who is simple,and full of love,devotion and surrender to Him.We should always conciously try to destroy this ego of ours by being humble,and down to earth.A man may have several qualities in him,but this one drawback will overshadow  all his good ones,and he may lose everything.

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