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Failure is success if we learn from it | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 43


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As humans, we feel that making mistakes determines our capability. Many people are afraid of making mistakes as society views people who commit mistakes as failures. Many a times situation like these prevent humans from exceeding their utmost potential, but it is through mistakes that people learn. Committing mistakes is a sign that we are on our pathway to success. Through committing mistakes is only half way, so to completely succeed we need to learn from our mistakes. To me, success is when I learn from my mistakes and not allowing myself to give up. By not allowing myself to give up, I will persevere and ultimately accomplish my targets. This struggle is a form of success to me. success has many forms of definitions but to me, success is when things turn out to be better than before and there is a change in my progress. Hence, in this essay I will share how failure is a success if we learn from it.

I learned that we must not allow failure to define our capabilities. When I was in secondary three, I constantly failed maths. Maths was my nemesis as I was not able to understand what the teacher was trying to teach. Hence, I started to sleep in class because I gave up trying to decipher what the teacher taught. Fortunately, the teacher did not lose faith in me and even shared with me the noble story of Thomas Edison. When Thomas Edison was a kid, he was often bullied and despised by his teachers as his teachers who taught him deemed him as a fool, that he was incapable of learning anything. As a child, Thomas Edison did not go to school. However, he was famous for inventing the light bulbs, he is also an inspiration because he failed during elementary school, but he manages to succeed as he grew older because he refused to give up. he seized every opportunity he had and did not allow the teachers`remarks` to define his capabilities. Similarly, my teacher told me that I must not let failure define my capabilities. Hence, I am convinced failing a maths test and learning from it will bring you success. After her inspiring speech, I decided to work diligently and passed my maths examination because I believed that by learning from my past mistakes I am now fully aware of them and hence, it is easier for me to achieve good grades. Therefore failure is a success if we can learn from it.

I learned that failure is an opportunity to know my weakness and shortcoming. Another example would be my English subject. Having failed every essay.I painstakingly wrote was often demoralising as I felt that I was unable to achieve good grades. I was often disappointed with myself for failing every essay I used to write until my English teacher madam Teoh guided me. She taught me that failure is a success because every lesson I would submit an English Essay and she would mark it. Although I was very demoralised from the results of my first essay, she would talk to me and tell me to have faith in myself. She could see a vast potential in me excelling in English and thus, I managed to succeed. My English essay had improved tremendously from fail to a merit. though it is not a distinction, I am satisfied with what I am receiving now because I see changes in myself. This also means that failure is a teacher itself, teaching us through analysis and feedback on how to improve. Being able to excel in my English Essay. Thus, taught me that failure is a success if I learn from it.

Lastly, a well-known leader has taught me that failure is a success if we learn from them. When I was a Prefect, I was not serious about my role which was a failure because my teachers often reprimanded me. I lost many opportunities like being the school`s head-Prefect and being a camp chief of the forthcoming camps. I was distracted by peers who did not encourage appropriate behaviour. They misguided me and this cost me many opportunities for excelling. The leader who taught me to learn from my mistakes was Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was a great leader not because he led Britain to victory from world war 2 but because he learn from failures before he could succeed. He failed 5 political elections, but that did not stop him from joining the political party. After entering the party, he was often back stabbed by other leaders and each time he grew wiser. similarly for me, I was fortunate enough to have another platform to showcase my leadership skills. Being a basketball captain upon realising my mistakes, I sought advice from my school teachers and he gave me a second opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I was put in charge of guiding the team to do warm ups and basketball drills. This taught me that failure is success and it is not too late to realise our mistakes. Through sharing and guiding I learnt more about myself and it taught me to accept responsibility for doing something wrong. Thus, I am glad that I am still able to succeed although I was a little slow in correcting from my mistakes. Therefore, this is another example of failure is success if we learn from it.

In conclusion, those three short experiences have taught me that failure is success if we learn from them and this is so from my past experience. Those experiences have changed me and turned me into a different person. Failures are opportunity for success because failures show you where your mistakes are and we can learn from our mistakes to improve ourselves. Failure should not determine our capability but it determines our opportunity to learn from our mistakes and success.

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