Too busy is a myth people make time for what's important for them | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 33 - Chetanbro

Too busy is a myth people make time for what's important for them | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 33


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This woman I know was recently telling me about a guy she’d gone on a couple of dates with. She was into him and she believed he was pretty into her too. He’d told her he was. But now he was half ghosting; one-word response days after she send the question, not available to talk, out of town.

“He’s really busy,” she said.
There’s no such thing as busy.
For a while, I was busy. You know that kind of busy that makes you feel like your pitbull is laying across your chest and you can’t get a full breath (just me?). It was that kind of busy.
I worked a lot. I worked at my regular full-time job and I juggled a few side hustles. I participated in a sport with ideas about being semi-pro, so I practiced. I practiced a lot. Six days a week, three-ish hours a day.

I’m not bragging. Some people wear busy like a badge of honor. It wasn’t like that for me. I thought being busy was how things were for grownups with jobs and hobbies.
Until I realized that being busy is a lie.

We tell ourselves that we are busy because it is easier to be busy than to admit to others and to ourselves what our priorities are, what they should be, and the difference between the two.
I was too busy to do a lot of things. I missed celebrations, hangouts, events. I didn’t write or paint. I missed movies and hikes and trips out of town.
But it didn’t have to be that way. What I know now is that we make time for things that matter.

I told my friend to lose the guy. If he was too busy to send a text or, even better, call her on the phone, he wasn’t all that interested in her. If he liked her as much as he’d said, he would find the time.

I’m not using the words “find the time” casually here. I mean actually search for it, find it, and utilize it.
We can find time. And we can make time. If something is important to us, we will find a way to make time for it. But when we get too busy spinning our wheels, we forget what is important. We create a false sense of urgency around things that are not urgent. Important things fall to the wayside.
Sometime over the summer, or earlier this fall, I spent some time thinking about priorities. I had to consider all the things in my life and what I wanted to invest in. Writing was one of the top things. Reading was up there too. Both of these are activities that I always bumped out of my day when I was “too busy.” Quality time with other humans was also on there.
Once you have an idea of what things or people you want to spend time on, you’ll have to carve, make, and find that time. We can’t all quit our jobs to write that novel, hike Machu Pichu, attend that silent meditation retreat, or whatever else we want to prioritize.
But there’s time we let slip through the cracks. If you can catch those lost minutes and hours, you might be surprised how quickly you could meet some of those goals. You might be surprised by the time you can find to spend with someone.
So let’s do that. Let’s find those wasted minutes.
First, we’ll have to better utilize our phones. Next time you’re in a waiting room or a line and reach for your phone, don’t open social media or a game. Read a book or article instead. Or work on your writing, music, art. Do some research for the project you are working on. Keep an eye on airline prices. Text your mom, sister, best friend, partner and tell them they are on your mind.
Never task-switch. I used to be one of those people who jumped over to email or a chat as soon as the alert came up. I’m not one of those people anymore. It takes a long time to refocus after an interruption. Up to thirty minutes even! So every time you redirect your attention to that email, you’ll lose up to half an hour of quality work time. Your tasks will take longer, and you’ll have less time to learn French. Or whatever it is you’re doing with all those not wasted moments.

I’m certain you’ve got some other ideas about where to find, make, and carve time. Those two have improved my output though. For example, I’ve been writing more than I have in years by simply using my phone. And I’ve had time to spend with people, because I’m getting more done in my day.
So, there’s no such thing as busy. If you believe that, you might find that you’re pretty open.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Now you know. Thank you for reading this article. Have a great day. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ 

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