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Be nice for no reason | @Chetanbro Quotes :- 31


By :- @i_amChetanpaswan

A warm welcome to all of you in this super fresh blog. NAMASTE sit tightly for few minutes and learn something new stuff which will help you to grow yourself as a individual. 

Nowadays people seem to only do nice things so they can make a Facebook post about it so other people can tell them how good of a person they are. You never need a reason to go out of your way to be nice to someone.
I am a firm believer in being nice for no reason. You dont need to know the person to hold the door. The person doesn't even have to be a mom with a stroller, they just have to be someone that you took two seconds to think about.

The girl who's shirt you think is really cute? Tell her, it will make her day. When you're on the field with your teammates, tell them what an awesome throw that was. Give people compliments, dont just think them in your head.

I think its the nicest thing when people pay for the person behind them in the Starbucks line. Out of the kindest of their heart or maybe for another reason. Maybe the woman behind you is a 2nd grade teacher who is running late for her first SOL. Or maybe the man behind you stayed up all night working on a huge project with his work team. You never really know whats going on in peoples lives. That is what makes random acts of kindness even better.

My personal favorite way of being kind is letting people over when they are merging into your lane. I really never understood why people purposely dont let cars into the lane. You all are going to the same place, you can spare the two seconds to let someone in.

If you see someone spill something or are struggling to pick things up, go and help them. They will appreciate you so much more than you could ever think. People know when you are acting out on the kindness in your heart.
Take the time and do something nice for someone tomorrow. Whether its youre out grocery shopping or at soccer practice. Be kind, spread kidness, and make a difference.

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