These are the introverts. They're the creative
types, the geniuses who get stimulation from learning rather than socializing.
You may not have noticed them. They prefer to fly under the radar, silently producing the best work and the most incredible art.
It’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the most interesting and surprising, isn’t it?

Quiet people are too busy thinking to talk.

The quitest people are the ones inside their heads.
They're chronic over-thinkers. They may want to start a conversation, but they're busy thinking about that conversation's possible outcomes.

They dissect every single factor in a conversation. Speaking doesn’t come easily, as they take it very seriously.
Quiet people may have a lot to say, but they have trouble forming actual words because they're moving from one subject to the next inside their heads.

Quiet people write and read more than they speak.

Quiet, intelligent people focus their energy on creating. They aren't spending their free time out at the bar; they're spending it reading and writing.
Introverts enjoy stimulating conversations, but it is safe to say that these are few and far between.
It’s the quiet ones who are sitting in their libraries, reading and lounging on their couches, writing and creating.

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