Why competition is important ? @Chetanbro Quotes :- 07 - Chetanbro

Why competition is important ? @Chetanbro Quotes :- 07

Why Competition is important?

By :- @i_amChetanpaswan

A warm welcome to all of you in this super fresh blog. Sit tightly for 15 minutes with patience I am going to give your answer in simpler way that you can use the answer easily in your daily routine.

Competition is most important thing which lead anyone to a better version of themselves.

For example if no competition is exist then no one working for getting a better version of themselves, and after all developments is going to stopped. That's why Competition is important for Development.

Now the question arises from which we should compete, my answer is "compete with yourself".

"Your biggest war is with yourself" 

OK, understand it by a example, assume a situation in a classroom of 30 JEE aspirants
a boy top in their exam all time but not getting the good score in Final jee, can you guess the reason behind the results, OK I tell you actually the boy top evey time in their exam because the students of this class is weaker then that boy but actually the aspirant of other places are stronger then that boy, and the boy busy to compete with their classmates, no doubt that boy has ability to top the exam in final level, but the boy satisfied with the result in test by defeating their roommates. 
Conclusion is, 
"compete with yourself, use your full potential".

Hope now you understand.
Always try to improve yourself at best level.

The best way to improve yourself is always learn as much as possible though books, classes, real life experiences and other ways.

Thank you

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